Sunday School and Bible Fellowship

Classes Resume on October 4 @ 9:45am
We offer many opportunities to grow and learn in your faith! Sunday School and Bible Fellowship classes are a great way to study the Bible and make new friends.

Sunday School (Children)

Sundays at 9:45, Children’s Wing
Our children’s classes are organized by grade (PreK-5th Grade) and are currently studying The Gospel Project curriculum by Lifeway. We also provide a nursery for infants.

Bible Fellowship (Students)

Sundays at 9:45, Backyard Student Center
Backyard Student Ministry invites all students 6th-12th grade to “The Den” to participate in fun and interactive classes based on the Bible Studies for Life: Students curriculum by Lifeway.

Bible Fellowship (Adults)

We offer 4 different quarterly adult Bible Studies: 
• Explore the Bible: Explore the Bible takes participants deep into Scripture, revealing context essential to understanding the text’s original intent, and promoting transformation through God’s Word in everyday life.
Bible Studies for Life: Bible Studies for Life, designed for students to Know God’s Word through trustworthy Bible study content, Create biblical community through engaging and conversational group studies, and engage culture missionally by unpacking what the Bible says about real-life issues.
The Gospel Project: The Gospel Project takes men and women on a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. This winter study shows how God raised up a deliverer to lead His people out of slavery, just as one day He would send His Deliverer to redeem His people from slavery to sin and death. Having received God’s Ten Commandments, the Israelites wasted no time in breaking them. But faithful to His promises, the Lord provided the place and the means by which His sinful people could find atonement for their sins and worship Him. Ultimately, however, true atonement is found only in the sacrifice of Jesus.
• Masterwork: MasterWork presents both current and classic works of respected Christian authors and leaders in a challenging Bible study format.
Onsite Options, Sundays @ 9:45am
Explore the Bible with Tim Spain
Explore the Bible with Kevin Sheesley
Bible Studies for Life with Wayne Foy
Explore the Bible with Tracy Bolt
The Gospel Project with Steve Schwartz
Live Online Options
Explore the Bible with Tim Spain, Sundays @ 9:45am
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Explore the Bible with Tracy Bolt, Sundays @ 9:45am
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The Gospel Project with Steve Schwartz, Sundays @ 9:45am
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Masterworks with Bonnie Summers, Mondays @ 6:30pm
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