Lake Shore Baptist Church Indoor Safety Protocol

Begins – October 4, 2020



8:30am & 11:00am

(nursery available at 11:00 service)



As you plan to return to in-person worship, we wanted to share a few things we are doing to make it as safe as possible for everyone. Remember, if you aren’t ready to return just yet, that is ok. Our 11:00 worship service will LIVE-STREAM, and be available in archived format afterwards each and every week.
​Many of you might be asking: BUT – WHY ARE THERE SO MANY RULES??
None of the precautions we are taking are “our rules.” These are regulations or recommendations passed down to us by either state or county mandates. There is a portion of our church body (and a portion of our state, county, etc) that feels there are too many regulations. Conversely, there is a portion who feels like we should be doing more. Your church leadership views these regulations, while inconvenient, as the things that allow us to meet. And we will always do whatever we need to do to ensure that LSBC can continue to gather for worship during this pandemic and beyond.
​Our new service times allow for a specific cleaning protocol between services to help ensure a safe worship space. All of our pastors, staff, and volunteer support (ushers, greeters, Sunday school teachers, worship team members) will be temperature checked each Sunday and fill out wellness surveys. But YOU have a part in the safe, responsible operations of LSBC for the foreseeable future. Here’s how:



1) Face coverings are required for anyone 5yrs or older at all times while indoors per guidelines from state and county.  If you do not have a face-covering/mask, we will have a supply at the door as you come in. We know it’s uncomfortable, but unfortunately necessary.

FAQ – What about restaurants? Why can’t we just wear our mask as we come in and remove it once we sit down? That’s what they do at restaurants…

The state and county mandate requires face coverings at all times while indoors in a public space. Restaurants have a specific exclusion. We do not.

FAQ – I have a medical reason that I cannot wear a face covering. You can’t make me wear one and you can’t ask me why due to ADA Compliance and HIPPA.

We would never ask you to do anything that would compromise your heath, including wearing a face covering. And we cannot (and will not) ask you why you aren’t wearing one because that’s none of our business. And yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that we make reasonable accommodations for anyone that has a medical condition. Our “reasonable accommodation” for folks that cannot wear a face covering is to invite them to join us virtually and watch our live-stream. Similarly, a store cannot refuse to serve you if you can’t wear a mask, but they can restrict your business to curb-side pick-up or delivery. Due to the face covering mandates that exist at the state and county level, we will not allow people to be present in the building who cannot wear a face covering.


2) Directional Signage will be utilized. Please follow the arrows. This may mean you have to take a new route or use a new door.

FAQ – Those arrows are silly! I don’t follow them at the grocery store and I’m not about to start following them at church! What’s the point!

It is our responsibility to ensure as much “one-way” traffic in our building as possible. That is what is asked of us, so that is what we will do. Please do your part in helping us stay compliant with what is asked of us.

3) Please allow for social distance in the worship center. Our rows are specifically placed 6ft apart. Please sit with only your immediate family, i.e. the people you live with.

The current county mandate is that we can fill our Worship Center to 50% capacity with appropriate social distancing

There are plenty of seats, but due to family sizes and distancing, we may direct you toward a place to sit so as to maximize our space. We know everyone has their seating preferences, but please help us accommodate everyone by being flexible at this time.

4) Do your best to avoid high-contact surfaces. We’ll be doing our part, holding doors for people so there is less need to touch high-contact surfaces.


5) Hand sanitizer is EVERYWHERE. Use it often, and make sure to wash your hands frequently.


6) We are temporarily asking you to not consume food or drink in the Worship Center, as this would lend itself to many people having reason to remove their face covering. WE ALL LOVE OUR COFFEE, but we kindly ask you to avoid bringing drinks and food into Worship for the time being.


7) Please continue to avoid social contact with one another (handshakes, hugs, etc).


8) We will continue to utilize the offering boxes so as not to pass the offering baskets.
9) Please do not come to church if you have experienced any of the following, or have been in contact with someone who has experienced the following: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea


10) If you would like to congregate or socialize after the service or after your class, please do so OUTSIDE, adhering to social distancing guidelines. Please help us do our part to reduce congestion in the high-traffic areas, especially near doorways and exits.
Each person in our church family falls somewhere along the spectrum of attitudes toward these guidelines, from very cautious to not worried at all. According to the Christian virtues of selflessness, respect, and kindness laid out in Romans 14, we desire to accommodate everyone, including those who are most cautious. We want everyone to feel welcomed and experience services with us in person. We will very kindly and graciously inform anyone who is unaware of the regulations that they must be followed. We know this is difficult, but we must sacrifice a preference for the good of our most cautious brethren.

The goal and purpose of Lake Shore Baptist Church is and will continue to be making the Gospel of Jesus Christ known. To overuse a phrase, these are unique and uncertain times. But we will move forward, we will inconvenience ourselves, we will go out of our way – because we will do ANYTHING to continue to spread the Good News and to train up and disciple the Body of Christ. Please prayerfully consider how you will move forward with us in October.