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14 Feb, 16
14 Feb, 16
14 Feb, 16

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Inclement Weather Policy

Weekdays: All activities and functions at LSBC will follow the Anne Arundel County Schools cancellation schedule found here. Sunday: Cancellations, delays, or changes to services/activities will be announced by 6:30am by the following methods: WRBS Radio (Shine 95.1FM),, Church-wide email, LSBC Facebook, LSBC Voicemail

  • We’re Upgrading!

    LSBC is upgrading our church management software!  This is exciting news, and will allow us to offer more services to our members and our staff.  We’re no longer using ACS, so that’s why you’re seeing this page. Don’t worry, our new Seraphim software will be available as soon as our internal training is complete. Please check back soon, and be on the lookout for notifications on the new Seraphim church management software.

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“Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two” January 10, 2016

View all by: Dr. Blaine Welker

Jesus grants certain power to his followers, but warns them that true “power” does not lie in their new-found abilities. Luke 10:1-24