January 7, 2018

Who’s the King?

we look at Matthew Chapter 2 and what is considered by many to be the “conclusion” of the Christmas narrative. Magi from the East are in search of the King. But who IS the King? And what is the appropriate response to the King?

December 31, 2017


Do you need a RESET for the new year?  Celebrating Jesus’ arrival at Christmas means celebrating WHY he came.

December 24, 2017

Don’t Stop Believin’

Christmas Eve was a grand celebration at LSBC!  Watch our complete 10am service complete with our Children’s Choir singing.  Carols you love, the Christmas Story from Luke 2, and the Gospel of John gives us something to believe in.

December 17, 2017

Separate Ways – Worlds Apart

Through the Journey of Advent begins we have considered the Old Testament history, promises, and prophecies that all point us to Christ.  For thousands of years, God was decorating for Christmas.  This week the journey continues as we look at the why of Christmas.  Why did Jesus come in such a way – and for what reason did He come?

December 3, 2017

Any Way You Want It

The Journey of Advent begins by looking at an Old Testament story from the time of the Judges.  In a time when everyone did what was right in their own eyes, any way they wanted it, one family stood out.  What do the characters of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz show us about the HOPE of Advent: Redemption.

November 26, 2017

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Maybe some of your family has already headed home and you’re elbows-deep in left-over turkey sandwiches. But at LSBC, we’re staying with the Thanksgiving spirit just a little bit longer. What one word encapsulates the very essence of the Gospel message? Who’s missing ’round our tables? “Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

November 19, 2017

The Bible Tells Me So

We believe the Bible to be a most-special book: God’s revelation to humanity.  But what are the most important truths in the Bible?  And by what authority can we even believe that the Bible is true?  Pastor Jon takes a special look at God’s Word: The Bible Tells Me So.


October 1, 2017

All in the Dysfunctional Family: Joseph

What would someone in your situation do if they were absolutely confident that God was with them? This can prove to be a faith-strengthening, life-changing question. We learn of a man in the Old Testament who seemed to operate in all of his situations with this confidence. And WE can relate – because no matter how BAD you’ve had it, this guy had it worse. And no matter how GOOD you’ve had it – this guy had it better. The conclusion of our All in the Dysfunctional Family series – Joseph: When You Don’t Quite Fit In.


September 17, 2017

All in the Dysfunctional Family: Which Sister, Mister?

Have you ever chased a dream and lost it, seemingly when it was within your grasp? Maybe you’ve often times felt like a pawn in someone else’s game. Or perhaps you’ve been the last choice – the one no one wanted. The one who was never picked first. If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations, you would definitely identify with the characters from our scripture. Jacob, Leah, and Rachel formed quite the interesting love triangle in Genesis 29 – a relationship founded in deceit and fueled by jealousy. What can we learn from such dysfunction? And how does God see his promises through, even in the midst of our turmoil? WEEK 2 of the sermon series All in the Dysfunctional Family.